What's Your Favorite Flower?

Question for you, my friends. What's your favorite flower? This is a new "column" running on the blog and over social media, where every week I'll paint a flower and mail the original to one of you.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Sign up for the Good Sheila Weekly.
  2. Send me a quick email with the name of your favorite flower and a few sentences describing why you chose it.

Each week I will pick one of the submissions, paint that flower, and post the painting alongside your description up on my blog (can keep it to first names if you want to stay on the anonymous side). And best of all, I'll be sending you the original painting, on me!

Up first is yours truly! My favorite flower is the POPPY. I love their bright colors and how tall and proud they stand, even though it seems unlikely with such a thin stem.

What's Your Favorite Flower Poppy

Got a flower to submit? Send it over now!